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Is Your Website User-Friendly?

It’s no secret that the more technology advances the less patience people tend to have while interacting with them. When it comes to the patience level that people have while interacting with a website; that number has significantly decreased over time. If you the business owner invest in a having a website developed, one of your first goals is to keep visitors on your website as long as possible in order for them to find the info, product or service they need. What you don’t want are your web visitors to have a frown on their face because they cannot figure out how to navigate an unorganized website.


Studies show that you have an average of 5 small seconds to keep the interest of your web site visitor before they are in a hurry to click the back button and on to the next website. Having that in mind let’s put your website to the test by having it answer 4 simple questions.




When a prospect customer enters your site the first thing they shouldn’t be asking themselves is What in the world is this website about? They should immediately have a clear understanding of what your website offers. Every aspect of your website design starting with the home page should simplistically communicate your websites goals visually to prevent visitors leaving without being satisfied.




With a window as short as 5 seconds you don’t have much time capture your visitors attention, achieving this is as simple as creating a well thought out and up to date design. Your best choice would be to go with a web designer that also provides graphic design services because they will combine the best of both worlds with your website. Having said that please keep in mind that too many extra bells and whistles can have an overload reaction on visitors so you’re always on the safer side by having a simplistic site.




In business you never want to keep a person confused or guessing, the same principle applies with your website. Your visitors should know exactly how to navigate your site as well what actions to take in order to get what they need. The best way to go about achieving this is by establishing your websites goals and objectives before the design process even begins.




If you successfully implemented the strategies in the first three tips than your websites bounce rate should be pretty low. Now that your visitors are spending more time on your site and viewing more pages give them opportunities to share what they love with others.


Having a User-Friendly vs. a non-User-Friendly website can be the single determining factor of whether your site is a profitable asset or a financial burden.