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How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name for your Business

The name you choose for your website domain will be its main online identifier and part of your business’ brand, so you should put some thought into choosing it wisely. Below are some handy tips you can use that will put yourself into the minds of your potential customers allowing you to chose the perfect domain name.


We will start with a simple yet overlooked aspect of choosing a domain name, the way you decide to put letters together can have a huge effect on the your business success. In the age of lazy technology we have been accustomed to the overuse of abbreviations, it may not be a great idea to use them in your domain name unless its absolutely necessary.

If your desired domain name has the same letters connected together such as you may be better off choosing a different name as not to create any confusion to those trying to arrive at your online destination.

Before you finalize the purchase of your domain name make sure that you check and double check the spelling to ensure that its spelled correctly.


The Name

This is where getting into the mind of your target audience comes into play as well as staying in line with your business goals. Ask yourself the question…How do I want people to perceive my business?  Usually the name of your business will be your domain name but what if your business name is The Massachusetts Environmental Aggregation Group? Expecting people to type that in the browser would not be a smart decision.

Knowing that your domain name plays a huge role in your S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) will also help you make the right choice when picking the domain name that will be most effective to your overall goals. If you have done the keyword research for your niche, incorporating the most popular searched words into your domain can yield great results for your business.


Length of Domain

Studies show that the majority of people browsing the internet via a search inquiry prefer to use simple words and phrases to find what they are looking for, which translates to you keeping it super simple. Instead of choosing it would be a lot easier for people to type something like Most potential customers will get frustrated half way through trying to type the whole domain which means you are loosing business.


Domain Availability

If you have ever searched for a domain name before you are already familiar with how difficult finding domains with popular words can be. So before you actually perform a domain search write down 5-10 possible variations of your desired name, this will save you a lot of time and headache. In a worst case scenario you don’t find the name you wanted there are other alternatives to using a .com below are some popular TLD extensions.







Happy Domain Searching!