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How to Sell My Products

Do you have physical or digital products to sell that you know people are interested in? If you answered Yes than you have stumbled upon the right blog post. Below you will discover some practical yet effective best practices for successfully selling your products both on and offline.

Find Your Niche

Having a product to sell is one of the necessary first steps to getting started but you will need to check off a few more items of your marketing plan in order to be successful. Instead of trying to reach everybody you will be far more effective starting off by zeroing in on your niche audience. These are known as your target customers those who are more likely in need of what you have to offer, a specific audience of potential customers that a have a direct need in which your products meet that very need. Spending some extra time focusing on this audience their needs, habits and demographic will pay off  significantly in the future.

Your Website

Did you know that over 90% of Americans own a smartphone and computer today? The old school method of using the Yellow Pages to find what you need is now a prehistoric concept. This means that your target audience is using their smartphone device or laptop to search for the things that they need. If we know where our customers are and what they are looking for is half the battle won, the next step is to meet them where they are in order to efficiently provide them with what they need. Its fairly easy to use a modern drag and drop website builders to create a site to sell your products but if you don’t have a clue on how to build a website to sell your products you can hire a web design company who specializes in developing effective e-commerce solutions.

Email Marketing

Now that you have your website set up its time to focus on capturing those web visitors and turn them into actual customers. By implementing a simple Sign up form on your website allows you to gather their email address which you can use to send them a weekly or monthly email newsletter that promotes your products.

Go Live

Many entrepreneurs are harnessing the power and influence that social media sites have to offer in order to get in front of their target customers/followers on a regular basis. The Facebook live video feature is a very effective way to sell your products because you have the ability to tap into the multiple senses of your audience live in action which increases the likelihood of you selling your products. Good news is if they missed your live video it will always be in your pages archive for them to view at a later time.

Digital Advertisements

What better way to get your products in front of your potential and existing customers than to have weekly visually appealing product ad designs posted across multiple social media sites and email campaigns? Studies show that by frequently targeting your audiences visual senses will automatically increase the percentage of turning qualified leads into repeat customers.

Third Party Platforms

There are many third party websites that will allow you to sell your products and designs such as Etsy, Ebay and Amazon for a fee and/or percentage of each sale that you make. The Pro’s to using these third party sites is they have a large customer base for you to tap into if you know how, the Con’s to using them is you subtracting a good portion of your income to do so as well as sometimes waiting 30 days before funds reach your account. The alternative would be to handle all product transaction directly from your own website giving you more profit and control over your merchandise by eliminating any middle men with their hands out.

Event Marketing

What kinds of events has research shown that your target market attends? Concerts, Conventions, and Local Events to name a few are effective ways to build brand awareness as well as increase your product sales. If your business is already using a payment gateway such as PayPal or Square you can utilize their mobile card readers that allow you to accept payment for your products no matter where you are.

There are a multiplicity of ways you can sell your products both on and offline and by implementing these 7 tips into your marketing efforts has shown time and time again that the future of your business has the potential to be successful coupled with longevity. Have fun selling all those products!