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5 Branding Strategies for Your Business

What are the first brands that come to mind when you see these categories?

  • Diamond Jeweler
  • Electronics Retailer
  • Soda Beverage

There is a high chance that you chose Tiffany’s, Best Buy and Coca Cola which is not by accident. Why did those brands come to mind when you first saw or heard these categories? The answer is these brands have diligently applied effective branding methods over an extended period of time for the purpose of you choosing their brand whenever you want to buy a diamond, TV or cold Coke. No need to be intimidated by brands that have millions of dollars to advertise their brand you too can apply the same methods and be successful!

1. Catchy Slogans

When it comes to branding your business one of the most important goals should be Brand Recognition which is reaching the point to where customers begin to recognize or recall your brand. This can be done by creating a catchy yet effective slogan that your business can use to build your marketing efforts with. Your goal should be to come up with something creative so that customers will remember your brand whenever they are in need of something that you provide.

2. Attractive on Social Media

One rule in business marketing is to be wherever your desired customers are and when you get there you want to be able to attract and keep them. Social media sites are a great place to build brand awareness which means paying close attention to visual detail is imperative to effectively capture and keep your social audiences attention. From your profile and cover image to your individual posts and ads each piece needs to not only look good but needs to speak to the audiences needs as well as communicate your brand message.

3. Business Transparency

When people are browsing their social feeds the last thing they want to constantly see is a bunch of advertisements begging them to purchase something. The best brands are those that can build relationships with their audience and a great way to do that is to let your company’s personality come out. Show them a friendly side of your business that they can identify with so they don’t feel like you just want their money.

4. Knowing When to Delegate

One common mistake business owners often make is trying to handle every role and position within the business. Its natural to wear more than one hat but not every hat, especially when you are not qualified to handle such a role. If you’re not a graphic designer for example; it might be a good idea to hire or outsource your design needs to a professional, the money you might have saved initially could do more harm in the long run. This wise decision of yours to delegate certain responsibilities will also free up your time to focus on what you do best as well as assist you achieve your business goals a lot faster.

5. Consistency is Key

The largest brands have all studied human behavior as it relates to business enough to know that repetition is at the foundation to every successful marketing plan. By you remaining consistent in your branding design and message your customers will be more likely to remember vs. forget that your company exists when they seek to get information or make a purchase. Additionally having a consistent look and message across all platforms from your website to your email and social activity should all be in sync with each other.

Remember you don’t always need a huge budget to develop a successful brand for your businesses, follow these five branding strategies and watch your business brand flourish over time.