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How to Make Over 100K Selling T Shirts

T Shirts. Something everybody has at least a few of to be on the conservative side. In business having the ability to recognize trends along with a constant demand for a specific type of product usually means you have struck gold. With all these people needing T Shirts there has to be a way to cash in on the vast amount of people buying shirts every day. Right?


Yes indeed! We will view the top ways individuals and small businesses have been able to generate well over $100,000 in a year just by selling T Shirts online.




When it comes to selling anything one sure thing is that you are nothing without your customers. So since you are selling to people it is imperative to know something about people, their wants and habits in order to effectively reach and sell your products to them. Most people spend a great deal of time on social media and watching TV, when you do pay close attention to the current and future trends that advertisers are spending top dollar on each month. Keeping your eye on them will give you an advantage over competitors as you will be supplying T Shirt designs that the people want.




If you have any artistic skills this should be a no brainer for you to create effective designs that will sell. You should be very familiar with Adobe products such as Photoshop in order to design and prepare files for your T Shirts. Don’t worry if this is not your area of expertise, there are plenty of Graphic Designers that specialize in creating apparel designs from the front and back of the shirt to your tag design. Most T Shirt printers will charge you by each color that you use so keeping the design colors down to a minimum will significantly decrease your overhead.




One of the first decisions you will be faced with is should I sell my T Shirt designs on third party websites like Shopify, TeeSpring, Etsy and Zazzle or do it myself with my own website? The answer to this question will be based upon 2 different factors:


  1. Amount of time you’re willing to invest
  2. Amount of time you’re willing to wait to make $100,000


Using the third party websites are a great way to get started especially if your budget is slim to none as some of them don’t require any money to sell your designs. You must know however that you will be getting the smaller end of the bargain with them making the majority of each sale. Additionally you must reach a certain total in sales before you’re allowed to withdraw your earnings.




This choice has the greater financial outcome at a faster rate with total control over your products. More control requires more effort but you will be a lot happier with the outcome of your efforts vs depending upon a third party source. If you’re not willing to invest in all the T Shirt print supplies than your best bet would be to research and get in touch with the best local printer. Purchasing your own shirts in bulk will also save you tons of money allowing you to profit 100x the amount you would using a third party website to sell your designs.




Those that are serious about their business will invest the necessary amount of time that it takes developing a well thought out plan of action that will yield them a successful outcome. Know your target audience, spend time getting to know them and be consistent with your marketing efforts to reach them. Make sure that your e-commerce website is set up properly and user-friendly, and most of all consistently making you money vs being a business debt.


Lastly, your plan should have establishing goals and objectives to accomplish and remain diligent to follow and alter your plan as needed. By implementing these strategies into your T Shirt business there is no reason why you can’t reach the point of selling at least 15 shirts per day from your online store. By selling 15 shirts per day at $20 each will yield you a total of $100,800 for the year. A goal that you can absolutely achieve! Send us a note when you have reached the 100K mark.